...so yeah, it might have taken us a few tries to get our "Save the Date" picture (the same one on the main page of this web site) just the way we wanted it ;) And we couldn't have lucked out better with (a) the weather the day we took it, and (b) the angles of the dock making it look like we can actually get vertical ;) We can assure you that we weren't too high off the ground, but if the US Olympic High Jump team calls we'll still take a free trip out to their training facility.

Everything started with a walk around Boston looking for a place to snap a shot of us together. Our journey took us to the patio at the Institute of Contemporary Art, but when we got there we realized that the sun was totally blocked out by the building. Bummer!

Then we noticed someone hopping a gate further down by the docks to grab a few pictures of the waterfront... We don't know who she was, but we owe her a big "thanks", because after she left we hopped the same gates and spent about an hour jumping up and down in the freezing cold with no jackets on.

After finally getting the remote on our camera to work, we practiced our timing and got one heck of a workout in! We ended up taking 94 pictures and luckily got at least one that we really liked... plus we amused countless spectators watching from the ICA ;)

Here's a few funny outtakes... Equipment for the day was a Nikon D40x, a tripod, and the remote thingy (sort of hidden in my right hand).

...setting up

...testing the remote

...one of many "test jumps"

...ditto on the "test jump"

...watch out!