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How We Met*

Everything unfolded like one of the greatest love epics of our time... or at least, maybe like a few scenes from a cheesy romantic comedy ;) The story starts with Greg heading out on the town with some buddies when a mutual friend called to meet up. Sarah First Night Out -- 3-21-2008 Pour House Boston got the same call, and before you know it she was crashing an informal "guys night out" being the only gal in a group of 8 dudes.

After distracting the other 7 guys with beer and wings, Greg finally got to have a private conversation with Sarah and they immediately hit it off. As the night was coming to a close, Greg asked "so, how can we stay in touch?" and next thing you know they were at a concert at the Middle East Club... and then at the Paradise... and then at TT's. Nervous that they were both starting to lose their hearing, Greg asked Sarah out on a decibel-friendly dinner date hoping that at that point she would agree to anything that didn't require earplugs ;)

Luckily, she said yes.

Along the Way

There were still plenty of concerts that Sarah and Greg took in after those first ones, and along the way they discovered their mutual love for travel, camping, family, hanging out with friends, and just plain playing outside. But maybe the story is best told by a few frames from Sarah and Greg's future documentary, "When Harry Met Sally and Found Out that She Liked Ice Cream as Much as Him: The untold story of one couple's quest to consume all the Ben & Jerry's in the World"... see below for a preview ;)

The Proposal: 08/21/2010

While Sarah was pre-occupied training for her first sprint triathlon, Greg was busy planning for a triathlon of his own... but instead of swim, bike, run; it was (1) get a ring, (2) talk to Sarah's Dad, and (3) make sure Sarah and Greg were going to be alone at Breezy Island for the first time ever.

Sarah at the Tri Finish...and as the proposal planets got into alignment, Sarah kept thinking about the tri so much that on the way out to Breezy she didn't notice the bottles of champagne Greg was sneaking in his bag, or the one her brother Dale hid in the sailboat... or that Greg was constantly checking on something taped to the inside of his pocket (like let's say, an engagement ring).

Sarah's race went off without a hitch and after a 5am wakeup call and a great race, the next thing on the agenda was to either (a) get engaged, or (b) take a nap. Sarah and Greg enjoying the start of the engagement on the beach at Breezy Island

Hhhmmmm. Nap. Definitely take a nap.

So with a 2 hour power nap in the bag and energy levels back up to normal, Sarah and Greg relaxed on the dock with a couple of drinks and each other's company. On a trip back to the cabin for some cookies, Greg coaxed Sarah over to a spot where they usually like to watch the sunlight hit the lake, got down on one knee, and popped the question.

Somewhere between all the excitement and hugs Greg was pretty sure that he heard a "yes"; and replay from the "top secret" Breezy Island web cam can confirm it if there's ever any protest ;)

*Champagne, Pop Fiction Books, and International Intrigue: The Real Story of How We Met :)

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Ok, maybe you can handle a little of it... the "real story" is that Sarah and Greg had actually already met once before being "re-introduced" on that fateful night out in Boston. In a past life? Maybe. At a past party? Absolutely. ...but it took some sleuthing to figure things out.

...So about this party. It was March of 2006. Sarah was living in Brighton with 2 other girls and one of them was having a birthday party at their house. On that very same night, Greg was coincidentally invited by a friend to go to a house party where a bunch of girls lived. Greg thought to himself, "a house party with a bunch of girls? Sold." So Greg did what any other single guy would do; him and his 3 friends got 8 bottles of champagne and rolled into that party like it was 12/31/1999.

Summer 2006Recounting the full details of the night isn't totally necessary but let's just say that the party was great, and 8 empty bottles of champagne later one of Greg's friend's "borrowed" a book called "Along Came a Spider" from one of the rooms in the house. Naturally, Greg's friend autographed the book and bestowed it as a gift to remember the epicness of the party. It was sort of like taking out a book from the library minus the part where it gets returned in 3 weeks ;) Greg put the book on the shelf and didn't think any more about it... Until a couple of years later.

Fast forward to 2008... Sarah and Greg are on their 3rd or 4th date and they finally realize that they briefly met each other at a party a few years back. After some reminiscing and playful storytelling, Greg's mind feels like it's working on something... there was something else about that night... wait a minute THE BOOK! There's no way it could be hers, right? Later that night Greg went home and found it on the shelf... things definitely looked suspicious but it just seemed too impossible to be true.

But Greg realized that he had better get to the bottom of things.

Greg: "So here's a random question..."
Sarah: "What's that?"
Greg: "Did you ever have the book 'Along Came a Spider'"
Sarah: "Yeah! But I lost it I had to take it out from the library to finish it!"
Greg: "Oh man"
Sarah: "Wait, why?"
Greg: "You remember that party at your house a long time ago?"

...and as the saying goes, "the rest, is history" ;)

...nothing else says it better -- leave room for cake!

© Copyright, Sarah Walker and Greg Phoenix