We're Getting Married. Sarah + Greg. When: 09/17/2011.  Where: Sugarbush, VT
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Post-Storm Update: All existing plans are "on" and updated directions have been posted reflecting the road conditions as of 9/1/2011. We will continue to update based on any changes -- see you there!

Pack your dancin' shoes and gas up the car for a trip to Vermont to help us celebrate the big day! We're excited to see everybody and can't wait for the party... Everything you need to know is right on this site (links above!) -- so take a look and be sure to mark 9/17/2011 on your calendar with a BIG BOLD SHARPIE!

Sarah + Greg

ps - wondering how many times we had to jump to get that picture? 94 times! It was a workout ;)

pps - print or download our "cheat sheet" to have all the facts in one place.

ppps - quick link to directions... Sugarbush is at 1840 Sugarbush Access Road, Warren, VT 05674.

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